How to Open a Bank Account for a Church-Controlled Organization

As a church-controlled organization, one of the key things you will want to do is open a bank account. Opening up a bank account in the name of the church-controlled organization is important in order to properly manage finances. What is the process, though, to open up the bank account? What are some requirements and the steps you should take?

From a requirements perspective, you need a church-controlled organization to have an employer identification number. With the Tax ID (EIN) number, you will be able to open up your bank account quickly. You will want to put in the time to be sure you are opening things up with the right bank as well.

There are lots of options in the banking industry. You want a bank you can trust, which will give you the right services and charge you little in terms of fees. Shop the market and be sure that the bank you choose meets the needs of the church-controlled organization.