Many new business owners often ask themselves, “What is tax liability?” In basic terms, tax liability is money business owners must pay to the IRS, state tax collection agencies, and (if applicable) local tax agencies each year. Like personal taxes, business taxes must be paid by specific deadlines. It’s common for business owners to seek […]

Filing tax returns can quickly become quite complex, especially if you run a business. An important aspect of filing taxes is to know when and who you can claim as a dependent on your tax return. Dependents can help reduce your tax obligation and often allow you to claim a tax credit. In this post, […]

Small business owners spend much of their time wearing many hats. Aside from ensuring operations are functioning properly, they must also think of important tasks not related to day-to-day business, such as their business and personal taxes. For many small business owners, the two are entwined. Tax season has just wrapped up, but it is […]

Managing accounting tasks is a large undertaking for any business owner, but it can be incredibly challenging for small business owners. In fact, only one in three small businesses feel prepared for tax season, with 19% feeling “completely lost and unsure” of where to start when it comes to taxes. Smaller companies typically do not […]

Filing taxes is one of the more cumbersome tasks associated with running a business. While not likely to be at the top of the list of any business owner’s favorite tasks, it is a necessary one to do. U.S. tax codes are not the easiest to understand, yet business owners need to be careful not […]

Running a business takes a lot of hard work. To continue to finance one’s dream, a small business owner might find themselves in need of more cash to continue operations or to expand. Finding funding can be challenging, but there are many good options, most notably loans. Loans are not a one-size-fits-all solution; there are […]

One of the most problematic issues in the modern digital age is identity theft. According to a U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics’ October 2023 report, in 2021, approximately 24 million people were identity theft victims during the prior 12 months. Losses totaled an incredulous $16.4 billion. Identity theft can occur in many ways, and tax […]

Most small business owners feel a thrill when they achieve the dream of running their own company. However, with the excitement also comes some stressful factors when dealing with operational logistics. One challenge business owners often face is funding. Needing cash may occur early in a company’s launch, after a couple of years, or even […]

How to Start an LLC

13 Apr 2024

Taking an idea and turning it into an idea to bring to market is an exciting prospect. Once you solidify your business idea and formulate a plan, you’ll have to make many important decisions. One of the primary decisions to make is to choose a business structure. LLCs are growing in popularity as the small […]

Every business, regardless of size or industry, must file federal, state, and local taxes every year. Tax season is often dreaded by business owners because of the details and complexity associated with business tax returns. This is especially true for business owners who must still juggle other important tasks. To simplify the process and reduce […]