Obtain Tax ID

There are a few different ways that you can apply for an EIN, or Employer Identification Number, for your sole proprietorship. The most common method is to apply online. You can also apply by fax or mail, but applying online is the quickest and most efficient way to get your EIN. Does a Sole Proprietorship […]

If you need an Employer Identification Number for your business, you’re probably wondering, how much is an EIN number. An EIN is free, but the process of obtaining an EIN generally costs some money. To help you plan ahead, this guide looks at the costs and steps involved in getting an EIN. Whether you’re opening […]

Wondering how long it takes to get an EIN number? Well, it depends on how you apply. The timing for the EIN application process varies based on if you apply online, using fax, or through the mail. Applying for an EIN can be stressful, particularly if you need the number quickly but you aren’t sure […]

What exactly is a personal service corporation in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service? When you think about a personal service corporation, you need to be thinking about its main purpose. As a personal service corporation, the goal of the corporation to provide something to individuals or groups of individuals. What the corporation is going to […]

A social or savings club is something that is beginning to take hold much more in this day and age. In the spirit of sharing funds, it is all about having a group of people come together for a common financial savings goal. With a social or savings club, people join forces to save towards a similar […]

Running a hair salon can be very rewarding. You get to express your creative talents, help people feel beautiful, socialize with clients, and explore new ideas from the world of hair and beauty, but at the same time, you also have to manage business essentials, including obtaining tax identification numbers. In particular, your hair salon […]

Short for Employer Identification Number, an EIN is a special number that identifies your trucking business to the government as well as to banks and other entities. Wondering how to get an EIN for your trucking business? Here is what you need to know. To get an EIN for your trucking company, simply follow these […]

Running a nail salon can be an extremely lucrative, rewarding, and fun. In addition to taking care of your clients nails and helping them to look great, you also have to manage a lot of tax and banking related information for your business, and to handle many of those tasks, you need an Employer Identification […]

As an S-Corporation, there are indeed some unique aspects to your organization, but all of these have to do with tax reporting and filing. When you break down the actual organizational structure, expectations of the business, it is the same as any other type of corporation. Whether you are an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation or […]

Did you realize that, as a non-profit organization, you are very likely to still need to get an employer identification number Tax ID (EIN)? Even as a tax-exempt non-profit organization, the need will still exist. You will require an employer identification number to do a lot more than just file taxes on an annual basis. […]