How to Open a Bank Account for a Church

1 Oct 2019

When the time comes to get your church up and running as a full-blown organization, one of the steps necessary will be the opening of a church bank account. What are some requirements you need to be thinking about in order to get the bank account open and operational?

To open a bank account in the name of a church organization, you need to start by obtaining an employer identification number for your church. You need to register your church as an organization and apply for a Church Tax ID (EIN) number.

To go through the application process for an employer identification number, you need details on the church organization such as its name, principal address, and date of formation. You also need to be able to name the responsible party for the church. Once you make all of these decisions you then decide on how you want to apply; online, fax, or mail, and send it in for processing by the IRS.