How To Get A EIN (Tax ID) Wyoming

 EIN Number Wyoming - What Is It & How To Apply

If you want to establish yourself as an employer or take care of other business essentials in Wyoming, then you need to get an EIN number. It’s a non-negotiable part of being an employer in Wyoming or anywhere in the United States, but you also need this number for partnership and corporate tax returns.

An EIN is an employer identification number. A 9-digit number that you’ll use when you file tax returns and complete other tax-related activities as an individual or entity that hires W-2 employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re a church, a small business, or a person who happens to hire a nanny – if you have employees, you need an EIN.

How to Apply for a Tax ID Number in Wyoming

If you’re thinking about getting an EIN number Wyoming residents should rest assured that the process is quick and easy, whether you apply online or by mail. You start by gathering your details, then you need to either access the online application or get a paper Form SS-4.

The good news is, the Form SS-4 is only a single page long, so it’s fast for even tax novices to complete. There’s a second page that includes instructions, but it can get a little complicated so you may want to reach out for help. In the meantime, here’s an overview of the process.

Prepare the Required Information

When filling out the form, answer all of the relevant questions. But keep in mind that depending on your situation, not every line will be applicable to you – for instance, if you’re an individual with a nanny, you don’t need to report your principal activities because you don’t have any. Here’s an overview of what most applicants need.

For starters, you can gather:

●     Trade name and legal name

●     Location, including physical address, mailing address, and county

●     Principal business activities

●     Type of entity (e.g. sole proprietor, nonprofit, corporation, estate, partnership)

●     Reason for applying (e.g. acquired a new business, started a new business)

●     Highest number of employees expected over the next 12 months

●     First date of wages paid

●     Third-party designee’s name

Apply Online

There’s a quick and easy way to apply for a Wyoming tax ID number online. In fact, the online application is the best choice if you want to get an EIN fast. That’s because after you apply, you get to receive your EIN instantly with no wait for processing – it’s all automatic.

To apply online, all you have to do is follow the prompts that the online form gives you. The form is short, only one page long, so the process shouldn’t take long if you’ve gathered your information first. The application times out after 15 minutes, so plan to do this at a time when you know you won’t be interrupted, since you cannot save your application for an EIN.

Submit Your Application Via Mail

To get an EIN number Wyoming residents can apply by mail using a paper Form SS-4. Make sure to start this process at least 5 weeks before you need your EIN, preferably more. Applying by mail means more waiting – the IRS has to receive your application in the mail, then it must be processed, and finally, your EIN needs to make it back to you via snail mail.

It’s simple to submit the Form SS-4 by mail. You can get the form by downloading it, checking your local library (most offer free tax forms), or contacting the IRS to ask for a copy. Fill out the lines that are relevant according to the worksheet, sign it, and mail it away to the IRS. The address will be listed on the form instructions and it does vary based on whether you have an international or domestic address. Complete this process very carefully as mistakes can make it take even longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about EIN numbers Wyoming residents can find their answers right here:

What Is A Tax ID Number (EIN) & Do I Need One in Wyoming?

An employee identification number (EIN) is a type of tax ID number that’s reserved for individuals and entities with employer status. You definitely need an EIN if you employ anyone on a W-2 basis.

Are EINs issued by the Wyoming Secretary of State?

No, EINs are issued by the IRS because they come from the federal government. No matter what state you’re in, your EIN will come from the IRS.

Is An EIN The Same As A Wyoming Tax ID Number?

Yes and no – an EIN is a type of Wyoming tax ID number, but it’s not the only type. Other types include taxpayer identification numbers and social security numbers.