How to Get an EIN (Tax ID) Number in Tennessee

EIN Number Tennessee  - What Is It & How To Apply

If you’re in the thick of establishing a new business, recruiting new employees, or need to comply with tax requirements, you need to know how to get a Tennessee EIN number. This number identifies you as a Tennessee employer and is required for tax purposes.

 The good news is it’s easy and straightforward to get a tax ID number in Tennessee. You can get your number in two simple steps: get your information together and then apply.

How to Apply for a Tax ID Number in Tennessee

When in need of an EIN number Tennessee residents can get one by completing the Form SS-4 and sending it to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Or they can upload this information into the online application. In both cases, you need the same information (as outlined below).

 Please note that if you change your address, location, or responsible party, you must submit Form 8822-B to amend your Form SS-4 within 60 days. This is true whether you have already received the EIN or you’re still waiting for it.

Prepare the Required Information

Before you apply for your EIN, take the time to collect all the information that the Form SS-4 will ask you for. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

●     The entity or individual’s name

●     Business trading name (also known as your doing business as name)

●     Executor, administrator, or trustee name

●     Third-party designee name

●     Responsible party name

●     LLC information

●     Entity type

You’ll also need these details:

●     The date your business was established or acquired

●     The closing month of your accounting year

●     Estimated maximum number of employees for the current year

●     Number of agricultural or household employees if applicable

●     Date when wages were first paid

Apply Online

To get an EIN number Tennessee residents can apply online for the fastest results. The online application generates your new Tennessee EIN number as soon as you’ve finished the application process, so there’s no waiting involved. When time is money, a fast application process is critical.

To apply for a Tennessee EIN number online, you need to meet these criteria:

●     Have a principal business in the U.S. or a U.S. territory

●     Have a valid TIN (taxpayer identification number)

●     Have not applied for another EIN on the same business day

 When you apply for your EIN online, you must set aside enough time to finish the entire application in one sitting. Generally, there’s no way to save your application and it will time out after 15 minutes of no activity. If the application times out, you have no choice but to start again from scratch. A little bit of prep can save you a lot of headaches.

Submit Your Application Via Mail

Want to use the mail? In that case, to get an EIN number Tennessee residents can print the Form SS-4 and complete it at least five weeks before they need the EIN. That’s because there are four to five weeks of processing time involved in the paper EIN application.

If you don’t have that kind of time to wait, you’re not alone. Most business owners are too busy to wait that long. That’s why the online process tends to be the most common choice.

After you complete and sign the application, send it to the address provided in Where to File or Fax. This is the name of the submission instruction section that accompanies the application. Both addresses lead to the IRS, but you’ll need a specific address depending on whether you’re legally residing in the United States or not. Not sure where to send your application? Then, you may want to reach out to a specialist for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tax ID Number (EIN) & Do I Need One in Tennessee?

An EIN is an identifying number that takes the format 12-3456789 and is used to identify employers and other entities that have employer status. If you have employer status in Tennessee, then you definitely need an EIN.

Are EINs Issued by the Tennessee Secretary of State?

Tennessee tax ID numbers are issued by the Internal Revenue Service, not the Secretary of State. This is true for all states, including Tennessee.

Is An EIN The Same As A Tennessee Tax ID Number?

An EIN is the same as a Tennessee tax ID number for those with employer status. However, it’s important to note that the phrase tax ID is an umbrella term. You will also have a state business tax ID and your personal tax ID such as your Social Security Number.