The Internal Revenue Service has a variety of definitions for topics related to retirement accounts for employees. These can include things such as a 401(k) plan, a defined benefit plan, as well as other types. For all of these, you are going to have what is known as a “plan administrator”. What exactly is a […]

What is a homeowner or condo association to the Internal Revenue Service? A homeowner or condo association is a type of membership organization that you form as a real estate developer. The idea is to create an organization so that you can have common areas to protect certain pieces of property. You may have condos […]

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account or Individual Retirement Arrangement. This is different from traditional 401(k) accounts, as IRAs are more unique. As an individual, you want to have a firm grasp over the various definitions of these types of retirement accounts. An Individual Retirement Account or IRA is an individual account or annuity that […]

As a limited liability company, you need to do certain things to function as a working organization. One of these things or requirements will be the need to have your bank account. Having a bank account in the name of the LLC is important as it allows you to operate effectively, and in a way […]

A farmer’s cooperative is something that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service quite commonly and is also known as a farmers’ co-op or an agricultural cooperative. The idea here is that a group of farmers will come together, pool all of their resources into a certain area or activity. They will then work for […]

A political organization is a topic that comes up quite often, specifically during the presidential election cycle every four years. The idea of a political organization is that it could be a party, a committee, association, fund or another type of organization. None of these will be considered to be incorporated by the Internal Revenue […]

Have you ever heard of the abbreviation of REMIC? Do you have a good grasp as to what exactly a REMIC is? A REMIC is a real estate mortgage investment conduit. It is a special type of entity. This entity is such that it will hold a pool of mortgages, a fixed amount. It will […]

When you run into a situation where you are an individual in charge of a bankruptcy estate (individual), where does that land you in terms of Internal Revenue Service requirements? One of the common questions is whether you need an employer identification number (EIN) to open a bank account for the estate? An employer identification […]

Do you have an estate in need of opening up a bank account for the first time? If so, what is the process you must go through to open up the account, get it in good standing, etc? Opening up an estate’s bank account requires you to do some pre-work as well as some detail […]

The definition of a bankruptcy estate is an estate as it relates to the assets of an individual that has filed for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, all of your assets will be available. The revenue that you get from those assets will be put in place to pay off any creditors, as much […]